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Database management today has become one of the most critical yet neglected activities by businesses. People need quick access to their data but spend very little time managing it well.

When changes are needed or when things go wrong with their database there is usually no support system at hand to back them up.

Remote DBA Services

World-Web IT Solutions offers comprehensive 24X7 remote DBA support. We keenly monitor and quickly respond to alerts set precisely for your databases. Along with this we also take up new projects, build architecture and provide design advice.

Our specialties

  •  Sleep well at night knowing critical systems are monitored around the clock.
  •  Tap into the collective experience of our entire senior DBA staff for a fraction of the cost of a single consultant.
  •  Get more from your existing database and infrastructure investment without spending more money.
  •  Know what your system is doing with regular, proactive database assessments combined with 7×24 monitoring.
  •  "Improve employee retention by providing top-cover for your existing DBA and technical staff.
  •  Watch system performance improve while critical incidents are dramatically reduced.

Database Support from the Cloud

Our database support team proactively participates in the maintenance of the database and becomes part of your database environment to provide dedicated anytime anywhere service. There is no finite list of DBA activities we provide as we are equipped to perform any DBA support task anytime you need it.

Our DBA team applies their wealth of expertise to provide both proactive and reactive database support by utilizing The proactive database support ensures that your database environment is secure and protected against crashes in future and simultaneously promises to have the capacity to respond to your most critical needs with integrity.

Apart from providing routine services like patching, backups, configuration and installation, the World-Web's strong support service model encompasses a wide range of activities. Structured tailor-made tasks unique to every database environment are an integral part of our services. These include customized deployment procedures, refresh methodologies, failover and replication routines that require focussed and expert applications beyond elementary knowledge. Our database support model shows that both Primary DBAs (horizontal) and Technical DBAs (vertical) can collaborate with clients to understand their database environment and come up with the ideal solutions.

The delivery design at World-Web's database support is top of the class as it will neither restrict your company’s ability to optimize your environment nor ignore opportunities to improve current practices.

Our specialties

  •  Database Health Checks.
  •  Proactive Administration.
  •  Customer Service Requests.
  •  Clear Roles and Responsibilities.
  •  DBA Flexibility and Scalability.
  •  Primary and Support DBAs.
  •  Collaboration and Delegation.

World-Web's database support model demonstrates how both Primary DBAs (horizontal) and Technical DBAs (vertical) collaborate with clients to understand their database environment and provide the best service available in the industry.

24x7 Monitoring Services

Our database monitoring services operate 24 x 7 through the year and offers support in times of need. It not only relieves your DBAs from the constant worry of potential database alerts, it also lets them focus on the things that really matter.

Key Features

  •  Proactive Database Monitoring.
  •  Issue Tracking.
  •  Ticketing System.
  •  Customized Notifications
  •  Break/Fix Resolution.
  •  Incident History.
  •  Faster processing and response.
  •  Reduces single-points-of-failure.
  •  Remediation and Prevention.

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