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 Mobile Application Development

Mobile gadgets have gone from being mere phones to being the one gadget solution for all requirements. Their wide acceptance in the business world makes them a crucial marketing tool. A compact and convenient hand held device can bring the entire world to your doorstep. Its popularity makes it an ideal medium to reach both mass and niche audiences. This makes it vital to have mobile applications for different mobile platforms.

Our commitment to excellence shines through here too as we provide Mobile compatible Asset Management solutions and Mobile Applications for various mobile platforms.

 iPhone Application Development

iPhones and iPads have revolutionised the way business is done by introducing ‘apps.’ The applications running on iOS have not only multiplied the power of a mobile phone but completely transformed the ways of the business world. Having an app on this platform instantly gives you a large target audience to market your business/product. We at fivebase IT solutions help enterprises’ be a part of this revolution by offering application development services on this platform.

Our teams research and study the need of the client and come up with innovative solutions. With an easy user interface and strong technology behind it our solutions are designed to suit the client’s needs. We at FiveBase IT Solutions have highly skilled developers with expertise in iPad app development and can help you reach all ipad and iphone users with attractive and robust apps.

Our specialties

  •  Cost effective mobile solution
  •  Use of proven and best existing methodology
  •  Following IOS standards
  •  Expert developers using latest available tools
  •  User friendliness
  •  Fastest turnaround time
  •  24*7 customer support
  •  Excellent designs

 Android Application Development

Most smartphones these days operate on Android. Android based devices are being widely used all over the world and all mobile manufacturers are adopting this technology. This mobile operating system developed by Google has gained immense popularity which is evident through the demand of Android mobile app development.

As the demand for Android platform skyrockets, it makes sense for business owners to develop their own Android based apps to reach their target audiences.

FiveBase also develops Andriod based apps to meet this growing need. It helps you get the best out of this exciting new opportunity to reach your customers. Our professionally managed system helps you launch and sustain apps that are intuitive and have remarkable features. We focus on innovation and creativity in order to meet client's requirements and deliver effective and user friendly applications backed up by sturdy technology.

Our specialties

  •  Perfection in terms of Quality
  •  "Highly cost effective
  •  Highly flexible and completely user oriented
  •  Developed by expert developers
  •  User friendliness
  •  Fastest turnaround time
  •  24*7 customer support
  •  Comprehensive and Robust android mobile app development

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